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Introduction to Data Preprocessing

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Cheatsheet for NumPy: Essential and Lesser-Known Functions

Numpy (stands for — Numerical Python) is a library available in Python programming language, supporting matrix data structures and multidimensional array objects. This the most basic scientific computing library that we need to learn, to begin our journey in the field of data science.Numpy can compute basic mathematical calculations to make the process of creating advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence applications easier (by using comprehensive mathematical functions available within the library). Numpy allows us to carry out various complex mathematical calculations effortlessly along with several top-up libraries (like matplotlib, pandas, scikit-learn, etc.) built over it.This library is a great tool for every data science professional to handle and analyze the data efficiently. Moreover, it is much easier to perform mathematical operations with numpy arrays in comparison to python’s list.Numpy library has various functions available in it. In this article, we will l…

Complete Data Visualization Guide: Python

“A picture is worth a thousand words”-Fred R. Barnard Data visualization is a visual (or graphic) representation of data to find useful insights (i.e. trends and patterns) in the data and making the process of data analysis easier and simpler.Aim of the data visualization is to make a quick and clear understanding of data in the first glance and make it visually presentable to comprehend the information.In Python, several comprehensive libraries are available for creating high quality, attractive, interactive, and informative statistical graphics (2D and 3D).

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Presentations Look Amazing

The cheat sheet to make killer presentationsPeople make bad presentations. Period.I’ve made 100’s of presentations and sat through 1000’s of them and most of them have me sleeping halfway through them or fidgeting on my phone.Making an impactful presentation is easier than it seems but harder than it feels.With the hundreds of tools available on PowerPoint and elsewhere it is easy to get distracted and spoil the broth, but I’ll be sharing some tips I’ve learned on my way so you don’t repeat those mistakes.Before we start I want you to repeat with me:Presentation tools are not Disney rides, you don’t have to ride (use) all of them.1. Content is King
Don’t cover up your shortcomings with fancy gimmicks.This is a rookie mistake I’ve seen the most experienced individuals make.Your content will define your presentation, don’t try to trick the audience into falsely impressing them but rather work on your details.2. Be Consistent
A variety is always good to have except when creating a presenta…