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Everything to Know About Convolutional Neural Networks

Photo by  Clint Adair  on  Unsplash "From a computer vision point of view, there's no doubt that deep convolutional neural networks are today's "master algorithm" for dealing with perceptual data."   - Tomasz Malisiewicz Nowadays, we all must have seen and used various effects and filters on images and how our computers and smartphones detect and recognize faces in photographs and videos. These all things are possible by "computer vision" which is nothing but machine learning using convolutional neural networks. Computer vision is similar to human vision, it helps the system to recognize, classify, detect complex features in data. Some of its applications can be seen in self-driving cars, vision for robots, facial recognition. But this computer vision is not completely the same as our human vision, unlike us the computer sees the image in the form of a matrix of pixels. An image is made up of pixels. And each pixel value can take a value from 0 to