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Complete Data Visualization Guide: Python

“A picture is worth a thousand words” -Fred R. Barnard  Data visualization is a visual (or graphic) representation of data to find useful insights (i.e. trends and patterns) in the data and making the process of data analysis easier and simpler. Aim of the data visualization is to make a quick and clear understanding of data in the first glance and make it visually presentable to comprehend the information. In Python, several comprehensive libraries are available for creating high quality, attractive, interactive, and informative statistical graphics (2D and 3D).

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Presentations Look Amazing

(Image by  Author ) The cheat sheet to make killer presentations People make bad presentations. Period.I’ve made 100’s of presentations and sat through 1000’s of them and most of them have me sleeping halfway through them or fidgeting on my phone. Making an impactful presentation is easier than it seems but harder than it feels. With the hundreds of tools available on PowerPoint and elsewhere it is easy to get distracted and spoil the broth, but I’ll be sharing some tips I’ve learned on my way so you don’t repeat those mistakes. Before we start I want you to repeat with me: Presentation tools are not Disney rides, you don’t have to ride (use) all of them. 1. Content is King Image by  Suomy Don’t cover up your shortcomings with fancy gimmicks. This is a rookie mistake I’ve seen the most experienced individuals make. Your content will define your presentation, don’t try to trick the audience into falsely impressing them but rather work on your details. 2. Be Consistent (Image by  Author

Everything You Need to Know About Google Foobar Challenge

Recently, while searching a keyword “headless chrome” on Google I got an unusual pop-up on my window, with a message: "Curious developers are known to seek interesting problems. Solve one from Google?" I was surprised to see Google sending me a challenge to solve and I accepted it immediately! Clicking on “I want to play” landed me on Google’s Foobar page. It was Google Foobar Challenge! What exactly is Google Foobar Challenge? Google Foobar challenge is a secret hiring process by the company to recruit top programmers and developers around the world. And it is known that several developers at Google are hired by this process. The challenge consists of five levels with a total of nine questions , with the level of difficulty increasing at each level. What to do after getting the challenge? After selecting “I want to play” option you land on Foobar’s website which has a Unix-like shell interface, including some standard Unix commands like help, cd, ls, cat and etcetera .

9 Techniques to Write Your Code Efficiently

(Photo by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash ) It’s really easy to write efficient and faster code . Efficient code, not just only improves the functionality of the code but it can also reduce the time and space complexity of the programming. Speed is one of the major factors in deciding the quality of the code , for instance, your code might be producing the required result but it takes some time to execute then it will not be considered a quality code. An alternative approach to the same problem producing faster results will be considered better. The code should be clean i.e. comprehensible and readable so that it can be reused (saving the efforts of rewriting the whole program from scratch), adding new features, and making the process of debugging more easier. In this article, I will cover some simple tips and techniques which we can easily apply to make our code more elegant and efficient. "There is always more than one method to solve the problem." How to write code efficie

Robots can Perform Daily Tasks

Robot by Lukas     Is this the ending or the beginning? Robots are the future and they will replace and recreate anything that comes in their way. As the world continues to evolve, so do the ways robots interact with the world. It does feel like a nice idea if our robot could help us in the day-to-day activities while at the same time adapt to different surroundings. The present world does have some robots which can perform chores but I want you to envision a robot that would respond to your commands and help you in multiple chores without complaining. To help us out in such a way robots must perceive their surroundings as we humans do. A clear mental image of the environment around them is a necessity for the robots to perceive the world as it is. The particular function of perceiving their surroundings is particularly a hard one for robots where the pixels have to be transformed into a real-life understanding of the world. What has been proposed? A new model called- 3D Dynamic Scene